2012 Annual Conference - Urbanization, Uncertainty and Water: Planning for Arizona's Second Hundred Years

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On January 24, 2012, the Water Resources Research Center held its annual conference, Urbanization, Uncertainty and Water: Planning for Arizona's Second Hundred Years, in the University of Arizona Student Union Memorial Center Ballroom, Tucson. Arizona's urban areas are growing and some predict that a metropolitan region eventually will extend from Prescott, through the Phoenix area cities, Pinal County and the Tucson area, to south-central Cochise County. The conference addressed many of the vital questions about water in Arizona's future that this prospect raises. Organized in collaboration with the ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy, the conference complemented their report Watering the Sun Corridor. Other reports considered during the conferences were the final report of the Water Resources Development Commission and the Grand Canyon Institute's Arizona at the Crossroads: Water Scarcity or Water Sustainability?  The one-day conference was preceded by an optional workshop sponsored by the Sonoran Institute and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy where the Sun Corridor report was reviewed and discussed. Photographs: CAP canal: Central Arizona Project, Phoenix haboob: mike olbinski (www.mikeolbinski.com)


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