2005 Annual Conference - Water and the Environment: The Role of Ecosystem Restoration

"The Water Report" Newsletter - 2005 Water Conference Discussion - A report published in "The Water Report" relating to the key points presented in WRRC's 2005 annual conference - Sharon Megal, Ph.D. (900 KB, Adobe PDF)

A report published in "The Water Report" relating to the key points presented in WRRC's 2005 annual conference - Sharon Megal, Ph.D. (900 KB, Adobe PDF)


Many of the speakers have given permission to publicly post their presentations. Those whose presentations are available for download contain a hyperlink to the appropriate file. The size of each presentation is listed next to its hyperlink. Please remember that these presentations are property of their creators and neither their text nor graphics may be used for any purpose, other than viewing, without their permission.

Opening Keynote - A National Perspective on Ecosystem Restoration    
Mr. Bill Dawson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Director, Civil Works Planning and Policy -- Environmental Sustainability (5 MB)

An Overview of Ecosystem Restoration Efforts

Moderator: Dr. Errol Montgomery, Errol L. Montgomery & Associates, Inc.
Dr. Cliff Dahm, Professor, University of New Mexico -- River and riparian restoration in the Southwest: A summary from the National River Restoration Science Synthesis (1 MB)
Dr. Julie Stromberg, Associate Professor, Arizona State University -- A few thoughts on riparian ecosystem restoration (1.7 MB)
Dr. Sharon Megdal, Director, Water Resources Research Center, University ofArizona -- A Look at Ecosystem Restoration in Arizona (3 MB)

Ecosystem Restoration in AZ: Experience from the Field  

Moderator: Dr. George Brooks, Environmental Coordinator, Pima-Maricopa Irrigation Project, Gila River Indian Community
Mr. Mike Ellegood, Director of Public Works, Transportation Director and Maricopa County Engineer -River Restoration at the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (1 MB)
Ms. Julia Fonseca, Environmental Program Manager, Pima County Flood Control District -- Riparian Restoration—A View from the Field
Ms. Karen Williams, Rio Salado Project Coordinator, City of Phoenix -- Rio Salado (3.7 MB)
Mr. Jim Crosswhite, Owner/Rancher, EC Bar Ranch -- Ecosystem Restoration in AZ: Experience from the Field (personal)
Dr. Abe Springer, Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University -- Riparian Ecosystem Restoration Projects of the AWPF (1.5 MB)
Mr. Errol Blackwater, Project Support Coordinator, Pima Maricopa Irrigation Project, Gila River Indian Community -- Riparian Development on Gila River Pima-Maricopa Irrigation Project

Lunch Keynote Address – Governor Napolitano’s Water Policy Priorities for 2005        
Mr. Alan Stephens, Chief of Staff for Operations, Office of the Governor

The Legal System as a Tool for Effecting Environmental Policy   

Moderator: Professor Carol Rose, Visiting Lohse Chair on Water and Natural Resources, Rogers College of Law, University  of Arizona and Tweedy Professor, Yale University
Ms. Joy Herr-Cardillo, Attorney, Center for Law and the Public Interest
Mr. Tom McCann, Attorney, Central Arizona Project

Ongoing Environmental Restoration and Enhancement Efforts in the Verde Watershed           

Moderator: Mr. Jim Tress, Principal, Westland Resources
Mr. Paul Cherrington, SRP, Manager of Water Engineering and Transmission --Roosevelt Habitat Conservation Plan (6 MB) 
Dr. Charles Schlinger, Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University -- Fossil Creek, Arizona – Childs-Irving
Decommissioning, Fish Restoration, Research & Monitoring (4.9 MB) 
Dr. Kyle Blasch, Hydrologist, Hydrologic Investigations and Research Program, U.S. Geological Survey – Hydrologic
Investigation of the upper and middle Verde Watersheds (2 MB) 
Mr. Pat Graham, Arizona State Director, The Nature Conservancy -- Verde River (.75 MB)

Lower Colorado River Multispecies Conservation Plan

Moderator: Ms. Lorri Gray, Deputy Regional Director, Lower Colorado Region, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Mr. Bill Werner, Arizona Department of Water Resources -- Water in Arizona (2.7 MB) 
Ms. Perri Benemelis, Water Resource Analyst, City of Phoenix -- The Colorado River: Human Development and Competing Environmental Needs (.5 MB) 
Dr. Francisco Zamora Arroyo, Project Manager, Colorado River Delta Project, TheSonoran Institute -- Conservation Priorities in the Colorado River Delta: What is Missing from the MSCP (3.1 MB) 
Mr. Chris Harris, Administrator, Lower Colorado River Multispecies Conservation Program -- Habitat Restoration Along the Lower Colorado River: Challenges and Opportunities (1.4 MB)

The Outlook for Funding       

Moderator: Ms. Carol Erwin, Director, Phoenix Area Office, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Mr. Rodney Held, Arizona Water Protection Fund -- Funding Opportunities: ArizonaWater Protection Fund (200 KB) 
Mr. Bill Dawson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Director, Civil Works Planning and Policy -- Environmental Sustainability (5 MB)            
Ms. Susan Craig, Supervisor, Watershed, Assessment, & Grants Unit, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality – Water
Quality Improvement Grant Program (6 MB PowerPoint) 
 Mr. David McKay, Arizona State Conservationist, Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA -- Outlook for Funding (.3 MB)

The Honorable Tom O'Halleran, Arizona House of Representatives